Our members come from a range of creative disciplines including visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, heritage, natural heritage and horticulture, culinary arts, youth, local foodies, and other culturally related businesses. From artists and their organisations to businesses and the general public, if you support Oxford’s thriving creative community, we welcome you to join Oxford Creative Connections.

We invite you to join our growing network of individuals, organisations and businesses that are helping to build a thriving arts and culture community. As our membership grows so does our strength, allowing us to better represent, promote, and act on behalf of the arts community.

Your contributions provide crucial support for many arts and culture initiatives such as programming for children and youth, event development, arts education, and much more. Your support allows us to maintain and expand our services, and work towards achieving our mission and goals.

As a supporter of the arts, you will enjoy a deeper sense of participation and have the satisfaction of knowing that your contributions will ensure the growth of your community.

Membership is open to all who are interested in promoting and participating in arts and culture.


Your membership entitles you to:

  • Member access to the Oxford Creative Connections website including on-line Profile page including enhanced directory features including Gallery pages.
  • Promotion of your events, classes and workshops through our e-newsletters as well as on our Facebook page and Twitter
  • Networking opportunities at Oxford Creative Connections sponsored events
  • Discounted access to Oxford Creative Connections events, classes, workshops and equipment rentals
  • You may participate in our Annual Oxford Creates Arts Expo (Members only)
  • You may apply to hang your work in the OCCI gallery spaces at the Elm Hurst, the Woodstock Hospital or the Tillsonburg Library.
  • Invitation to attend and vote as a member at our Annual General Meeting in March

Be involved. Become a member.  Help build a thriving and innovative creative community.

Please complete the online Membership Registration Form and Payment if you would like to become a member.